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CTI HOLDING AG combines the tradition of five leading companies in the label and packaging industry, specialised on labels in many variations, ranging from the classic Wet-Glue Labels, to Sleeves, Shrink Sleeves, and innovative In-Mould Labels.


VIAPPIANI in Italy, Germany, Brazil and Colombia,  ADHEPEL in Argentina, OMNIPACK in Spain and ULIKETT in Austria work closely together, taking advantage of years of experience and know-how to create the best solutions for their customers.


Due to the high flexibility in size, quantity and printing technology, the group can produce any kind of printed item in a great variety of colours, with special coatings and features.



  • In-Mould Labels
  • Self-Adhesive Labels
  • Sleeves & Shrink Sleeves
  • Wet-Glue Labels
  • Wrap-Around Labels
  • Roll-On-Shrink-On Labels (ROSO)
  • Folding Cartons & Carton Packaging
  • Publishing and advertising
  • Flexible Packaging


  • Litho or Offset-print
  • Letterset
  • Gravure
  • Letterpress
  • Flexo

Printing solutions

  • Multi-sensorial
  • Anti-counterfeit
  • Special Colours
    • Phosphorescent
    • Fluorescent
    • Metallic
    • High-gloss
    • Pearlescent
    • Silk-screen white backing
    • Silk-screen colours in combination with printing
  • Holograms
  • Variable data
  • Lenticular
  • Hot-foil with embossing
  • Gold and silver: Flexo, Hot-Foil, Bronzing



  • Varnishes: with controlled coefficient of friction, rub-resistant, protective, matt, glossy, acrylic, bi-component, calendered, UV, spot
  • Perfumes with personalised essences
  • Treatments: scratch and win, erase and win with alcohol, with water, personalised solutions
  • Hot and cold laminations
  • Polymerisation
  • High-resistance treatment (HR)
  • Matt
  • High-gloss
  • Anti-falsification systems