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Welcome to CTI GROUP!

The CTI GROUP is an Austrian, family owned, international printing specialist, which serves the fast moving consumer goods industry with innovative and effective label and packaging solutions.

CTI GROUP belongs to the Trierenberg family who has an entrepreneurial tradition in paper manufacturing and printing of more than 100 years.

CTI GROUP was founded in 2007 with the aim of forming a dedicated printing house focused on high quality decoration for the consumer goods industry. However, the roots of CTI GROUP go back way further until 1978 when the Trierenberg family started printing for the fast moving consumer goods industry in Colombia.

With its affiliates in Austria (ULIKETT), Italy (VIAPPIANI ITALY), Spain (OMNIPACK), Colombia (VIAPPIANI DE COLOMBIA) as well as in the Dominican Republic and in Nicaragua (both CIGAR RINGS) CTI GROUP can offer a wide array of product decoration solutions in order to help clients to successfully market their brands and to decorate their products effectively.

Its product portfolio ranges from self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging and in-mould labels to premium cardboard packaging, which also includes product group related specialities.

In its field, the CTI GROUP numbers amongst the European and Latin American market leaders and supplies both top companies in local markets and multinational corporations.